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October 29, 2013
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It Happens 07 by PENICKart It Happens 07 by PENICKart
Another installment of the strip I write and illustrate for the University of Phoenix's magazine for military personnel called The Patriot, based on real events that happened to (you guessed it) real people.
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pauljs75 Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
These anecdotal stories from the military are funny, but that kind of crap happens quite a lot. I'm sure I have more than a handful myself from years ago when I was onboard CVN-65.
PENICKart Feb 26, 2014  Professional General Artist
Oh yeah, it happens a lot alright. I was in the Army, in the infantry, and I've got plenty of stories as well. They're fun to do though, exactly BECAUSE it happens so much. For people who didn't serve it's an insight into the shenanigans that inevitably happen when dealing with big operations, and for those who served it's a reminder of hard/good times.

I remember the first time I ever went to the field for war games. A month with little sleep, little food, lots of chaos and stress. I sort of freaked out one day, thinking "oh my god, what have I done!? I've got four more years of this - I'm not sure I can handle that." It wasn't until we got back out of the field and everyone was laughing at all the crazy shit that happened - the exact things that were making me so miserable at the time - that I learned the connection between misery and memories, and the saying "if it doesn't kill you it'll just make you stronger." After that, any time we were out and miserable, I knew that it would make for the best stories and laughs later and I never had an issue with hardship again. These stories often remind me of that lesson - and it's exactly why they make for such fun stories to tell and read.

I'm glad you like them and recognize the similarities from your own experiences. Cheers!
Love the scene of the airman's oblivious breakfast scene and this strip being an good case of fubar.
ImaDoctor96 Oct 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Daaaaang! And Sgt Tripp gets yelled at due to being the NCO :/
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